Technology Internship

Technology Internship

When you join our Technology team, you join a powerful and local team, which is part of a global network of talented professionals. We provide opportunities to build lifelong connections with colleagues and clients, locally and all around the world, because we all perform better when we connect the dots between our people and their strengths.

Within Technology, we have internship opportunities within:

  • Cyber

Our Cyber team holds a good balance between technical and functional profiles. As cyberspace and e-commerce grows, so does the risk of data hacking. Our clients must make sure their systems and data are protected from failure, exploitation, theft, fraud and abuse. That is where our team comes in. As experts in our field, we are relentless in our ability to spot the smallest discrepancies in a wealth of big data. In doing so, we help guard our clients from current risk and protect potential risks in the future.

  • Technology & Digital Risk

We help our clients realize successful digital transformations, manage technology, and mitigate digital risks. With clients evolving more and more towards technology and digital transformation, we are now a team of 110 people and offer a wide range of services, which allows you to experience a lot of diversity in your job and provides you with lots of career opportunities. Using deep-dive analysis, we help our clients connect the dots between business and information technology so they make informed, intelligent and insightful decisions that help them to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

  • Digital Development

As a Deloitte Digital Intern, you will help our clients identify and solve their challenges through technology. You will support a team of experienced consultants to perform exciting projects in the area of customer technologies. You will be able to work with some of the best architects, developers and functional experts of the digital transformation consulting market.

  • Risk Analytics & Anti-Fraud

Within Risk Analytics, your role goes far beyond checking figures and financials to focusing on quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modelling, fact-based management as well as data quality and integrity. You’ll bring data to life so you can create insights to help your clients properly manage business risk and turn these risks into opportunities. Our team of Anti-Fraud professionals fights fraud, bribery and corruption by combining their investigative skills with cutting-edge technology. They help our clients to take facts and evidence-based decisions.

  • Software Asset Management

You’ll learn to understand the nature of the relationship between the client organization and its extended enterprise: customers, suppliers or licensees. Third-party partnerships bring a host of benefits, but also certain risks. It’s our job is to manage these risks by identifying, evaluating and mitigating these risks to optimize collaboration and let our clients focus on their core business.

  • Business Transformation powered by SAP

Our SAP team uses their transformation skills to support our clients’ business strategies and help their employees to be more efficient in their daily operations. As a SAP intern, you will help our clients to reach their business performance goals through business transformation projects that help them manage their business processes.

  • Deloitte Belgium’s in-house IT department

Our Deloitte’s IT team’s mission is to embed technology which supports the 'Deloitte way' of doing business, providing a distinctive experience that enables new business, transforms the existing business and provides world class customer support. Within our IT department, we are dealing with a broad range of applications in Security (Cyber Security, Cyber Risk, Cyber Compliance); Process Automation (Business Analysis, System Analysis, System Design, Entity Relationship Diagrams); Design of work flows (.Net, K2, Sharepoint) as well as 1st and 2nd line IT Support.


You have a (Bachelor's or) Master's degree in (Applied) Computer Sciences, Civil or Industrial Engineering, Business Engineering Management Information Systems or a similar IT-related degree.



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