Serverless Integration on OpenShift

Serverless Integration on OpenShift

Digipolis is the governmental institution responsible for IT services and innovation for the city of Ghent. Next to the multiple data sets, HR systems, websites, business platforms, collaborations tools, etc., they have built a Kubernetes based microservices platform using open source technologies. In this internship, you will investigate how this platform can be leveraged for serverless enterprise integration use cases. And you will verify the added value for the city of Ghent. Does it enable an open, efficient government that provides real-time experiences towards its citizens? Serverless is the next iteration in software architectures since it provides a new layer of abstraction. The Knative project embodies this evolution for the open-source ecosystem. The project backed by Google, RedHat and IBM enables event-driven architectures onto Kubernetes. Combined with the Camel integration framework and messaging technologies like ActiveMQ and Kafka, this provides a solid base for an event-driven micro-integration platform.




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