Enterprise-grade Event Mesh for real-time integration

Enterprise-grade Event Mesh for real-time integration

The last couple of years enterprises embraced cloud technologies. PaaS offerings enabled them to build more engaging apps more efficiently. By doing so, they not only enhanced the customer experience, but it also introduced them to Event-Driven Architectures.

You will investigate a next phase enterprises can undertake towards a truly real-time digital organization: Seamlessly connecting all their applications and services using event mesh technology.


Next to the first cloud success stories, an enterprise has a lot of other systems, data stores, apps, and services. And they all need to work together. It is the combination of all these systems that creates the company’s added value. These systems are typically scattered across private data centers, public clouds, partner’s data centers, IoT systems, etc. And on each of them, different development teams need to be able to work independently from one another.

E.g. an insurance company has an on-premise CRM system, a SaaS HR services, an IoT Platform, a custom developed insurance policy management platform, some mobile applications hosted on different public clouds. And a partner provided AI-driven forecasting systems. A lot of crucial systems.

By creating a working Event mesh platform you’ll showcase an environment where any change in any system propagates towards all the relevant systems in real-time.

E.g. a policy change in a mainframe of a privately managed data center is notified to all relevant customers via their preferred mobile channel. And the impact of the change is directly visible by the insurance management team in a mobile app.

Internship objectives

The goal of the internship is to prototype a cloud native enterprise-grade event mesh.

  • You will create an Event Mesh that spans the boundaries of public cloud and an on-premise data center.

  • You will liberate data from an on-premise system and integrate it with the Event Mesh.

  • You will consume business events in an AWS Serverless app that provides real-time insights using an AI engine.

  • You will consume business events using Knative on Google Cloud Run.

  • You will set up an Async API portal which enables the discovery of events for development teams.

Thesis objectives

  • Selection of above objectives;

  • You will research event-mesh technologies.

  • You will research the impact on enterprise integration architectures.

  • You will research the impact on development teams.

  • You will compare Solace to other offerings in a market study.


This internship will introduce you to a large set of emerging technologies in today’s IT market. And will provide a deep insight into Enterprise Integration architectural patterns.

Who should apply?

  • You are a student who’s not afraid of a challenge.

  • You are eager to learn new technologies.

  • You’re able to work independently.

  • You have basic JavaScript/Node.js knowledge.

  • You are able to use DevOps principles.




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